Terms of use

Terms of use

Thank you for visiting our website. Here we set out some terms and conditions governing the use of our Internet offer.

Nobody is infallible

The content of the DEVK website has been prepared with great care and to the best of our knowledge, and it is regularly updated. However, we disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of the content. Accordingly, under no circumstances are DEVK insurance companies liable for any loss or consequential loss incurred as a result of using information obtained from DEVK’s website. The content of third-party websites to which we provide links is not regularly checked. DEVK insurance companies therefore disclaim any liability for the content of these websites.

Misuse prohibited

The design, name, logo, layout and content of this website are protected by copyright. Any use is prohibited without DEVK’s written consent. The reuse, processing, copying and any reproduction of the website and its content, including extracts hereof, are prohibited without DEVK’s prior written consent.

The insertion of links to the home page and/or the insertion of deep links (links which lead not to the home page but directly to subpages of the DEVK website) is generally permitted. However, DEVK reserves the right to prohibit the insertion of links or deep links in individual cases where DEVK’s interests demand it.

Secure communication and its limits

Within our website you can communicate with us confidentially with an acceptably high level of security. See also our privacy notice in this respect. However, please be aware that all information transmitted over the Internet by email, which may also contain personal details, is unprotected and could potentially be viewed by third parties during transmission.